Summer League Week 20

Week 20 Results and Recap

Firstly congratulations must go out to Holly J who successfully made it through the Greater Manchester County Trials and will be attending training sessions on Tuesday evenings. All the coaches and managers wish Holly well in her additional adventures. Well Done!

Five games played this weekend with fours wins and one loss.

Finally the Greens got back to winning ways after a Summer League that has been difficult to say the least attempting to run with a squad of 12 players has meant that there has not been a great deal of consistency achieved. Against the odds the girls have battled through and are still well in the top half of the table and the victory against Unsworth has given them a little breathing room in hopefully maintaining a top 5 spot.

With the title already sewn up for the blues and a couple of players unavailable the team tried out GS from the Whites Alyssa (Year 8) and she integrated very well in the team hitting on 85% of her shots. Player of the Day was however Eva H at GA who managed to successfully hit on 20 out of 20 shots for the perfect 100% Extra thanks also goes out to Amber Mc from the reds (Year 8) who ably filled in at WA against a very tough and physical WD player for Rochdale. The Defence continued to play exemplary netball with Mollie Y getting turnover after turnover in the absence of the injured Grace. With two games remaining the Blues win streak stands at 16 games and the girls will now be preparing for life in the top division in the Winter League.

The Yellows took on Swan Meadow who unfortunately only had 6 players, the Yellows took no prisoners knowing that they still had an outside shot of a top three finish but they needed to increase their goal difference and increase it they did with a 52-4 romp home. Due to player injury the Yellows utilised Ruby M from the Reds (Year 7) who played a blinder against girls upto four years her senior. The shooting was once again on point from Freya and Lucy and the defence of Jasmine, Abi and Danielle once again stifled the opposition. Again though the unsung hero was Libby W, who continues to play in almost every position on the team from one week to the next. So far this season she has played GS, GA, WA, C and WD and she has capably played at all positions showing her versatility, which as we all know is a fantastic asset to have.

The Reds looked as though they were going to be in for another tough result as they came out of the blocks slowly early on Sunday morning. For the first two quarter they were down by as many as three goals and they hadn’t seemed to have got out of bed on the right side. Half Time team talk by manager Sam ensued and the reds came out firing on all cylinders with Amber M and Megan shooting well and the centre court trio of Vanessa, Ruby and Amber Mc taking control. Defensively Beth and Abbie, started to make shots more and more difficult for Saddleworth to come across as they ran out comfortable winners in the end 27-15.

The Whites returned after their bye week and unfortunately lost their second in a row and third game out of the last four. They could be forgiven for this having sewn up the title a good five weeks ago, but the rot needs to stop as the girls get ready for the higher division that they will be playing in the Winter League. Increased committment to the cause will be needed in the not too distant future.

Charlestown Green     23 v 18    Unsworth

Charlestown Blue     40 v 3    Rochdale Reds U14

Charlestown Yellow     52 v 4    Swan Meadow Leopards

Charlestown Red     27 v 15     Saddleworth Flame

Charlestown White     18 v 28     Ribble Valley Reindeers

Two weeks to go for the Summer League before the real slog of the Winter Season returns. Lets have everyone down at training ready to go!

Summer League Week 19

Week 19 Results

The Greens bad run unfortunately continued this week with a third consecutive defeat to a Bury team, each time the girls are getting closer and more competitive but at the moment they seem unable to string together four full quarters at the required level. With just three weeks remaining there is still a chance for the Greens to finish in the top three of a division that has not seen any one team dominate this time round, so with a bit more intensity and focus the girls will hopefully return to winning ways next week when playing Unsworth.

The Blues went into the game knowing that a victory would make the title all but theirs with the only chance Tyldesley had of catching up on goal difference. The Blues took the first two quarters in their stride and played composed professional netball going about their job at hand. With the result all but in the bag the team was moved around a bit for the third period, with Hannah trying out at GA and Eva stepping in at C. This allowed Leopards back into the game slightly, but not enough to make a difference to the result. In the final break the team became aware that the Jets had lost earlier and therefore victory would confirm the Blues as champions of the summer league having already won the winter league. The girls relaxed their game in the final period and enjoyed the rest of the game. Well Done Blues!

The Yellows were without their usual GS Freya and had to call on Alyssa who plays for the Whites in the Year 8 team. This did not pose an issue for her as she slotted in perfectly with Lucy S in the attacking circle. Libby and Alix both linked up well having never played with their new GS before and defensively the dogged determination of Jaz M and technically fantastic marking of Danielle R, made it tough for DNA to create chances. With Abi C providing slick passing and movement at WD the Yellows have now won 5 on the trot and are still in with a chance of finishing in the top three, which is a great achievement after a difficult start to the season which saw the girls only winning 3 of their first 10 matches.

The Reds once again had an epic duel, which seems to be the case almost every week. If you want to watch a team that always has tight matches then this is definitely the one to watch, however this might not be good for some peoples hearts. Once again the Reds resumed their rivalry with Rivington Royals, who returned from their extended summer break. The Royals seemed to be on top for the majority of the game, but as usual the Reds refused to be put to the sword and hung in their even when behind by six goals with just over a quarter to play the team never gave up, with some fantastic play by Amber Mc and Ruby M in the centre court. With time becoming a factor the shooting game needed to be on point with Amber M netting and pulling the girls back in it near the end to achieve a fantastic 23 all draw.

The Whites had a bye week and as we know have already tied up the title in the summer league to follow up their winter league triumph. Well Done again Whites!

Charlestown Green     16 v 19    Bury Panthers

Charlestown Blue     31 v 10    Swan Meadow Leopards

Charlestown Yellow     34 v 15     DNA Fusion

Charlestown Red     23 v 23     Rivington Royals

Charlestown White     Bye Week

Summer League Week 17 and 18 Results

Apologies for the delay in getting last weeks score on here, but it was a rather a hectic week. With two more weeks of the Summer Season already completed we only have four more games left until the its conclusion and then the Winter League will be immediately upon us.

Week 17 Round up

Greens had a last minute change of opposition for their game. What was meant to be a game against the team second from bottom was ultimately changed to the team that was second from top. The girls stayed competitive in their first game back after the Summer Holidays, but just couldn’t generate the number of chances needed to keep up with the efficient Bury team. Each quarter was lost by 2, 2, 2 and 3 goals, showing that overall that wasn’t too great a margin to make up when playing the top tier teams.

Blues and the Yellows both ended up playing friendly games against scratch teams because their opponents failed to turn up. This effectively allowed both teams to treat the games as a bit of pre season training knowing that they would be given the games 20-0.

The Reds started their game slowly and were in fact behind by four goals at half time, but after the second break the defence started to turn the screw on the Bury Tigers and Megan and Amber began to find their shooting boots (or hands). The win keeps the Reds in with an outside shot of finishing in the top two at the end of the Summer League.

With the Whites having already successfully locked up their second consecutive title you would have thought that they might take their foot off the gas slightly. Not the case at all with the girls coming out on top in a closer contest than the score might suggest 25-13 against Ribble Valley. Apart from the walkover that the Whites received against them against Rochdale Reds, which we still haven’t had clarification over why the Whites Win Streak currently stands at an impressive 26 matches

Week 17 Results

Charlestown Green     17 v 26     Bury Cougars

Charlestown Blue     32 v 8 Rochdale U14’s (Walkover 20-0 opponents failed to show up)

Charlestown Yellow     16 v 9     MG Jacks (Walkover 20-0 opponents failed to show up)

Charlestown Red     27 v 18     Bury Tigers

Charlestown White     25 v 13     Ribble Valley Reindeers

Week 18 Round Up

The Greens unfortunately had to play the same team that they played last week, in hte Bury Cougars, this time the Cougars were sitting in the top spot rather than the second spot. Having lost by nine goals last week the Greens managed to push the Cougars harder this time round but still ultimately came up short, losing 18-23. Progress has been made however as the girls managed to score one more goal and limit the opposition to three less goals than they scored last week. Next week pits the Greens against their third Bury team in a row, squaring off against the Panthers, who sit below them in the League so hopefully we will be returning to winning ways with a view to finishing the season with a flourish.

The Blues had a big rivalry match this week against the team in second place behind them Tyldesley Jets. With the demise of the Tyldesley Tigers the Jets have picked up a couple of players that has made them an even more competitive team to play and the game showed this. The First Quarter the Blues managed to carve out a small lead by 7 points to 5 as Eva H hit on 4 of her first 5 shots, which helped as unusually Mollie E hadn’t hit the ground running and only managed to score on 3 of her first 7 attempts. The centre court was controlling things quite well in a very competitive contest. Defensively the Blues were without Grace for the second week in a row, which meant Mollie Y had to slot in at GK and Holly J moving to GD and Megan B ably handling the WD spot. The second period was a bit of a disaster with Tyldesley creating chance after chance and jumping out to a 12 to 9 lead at the half. Errors were creeping in and everytime the Blues created a turnover they just seemed to give the ball straight back to the Jets. In the third quarter the defence really hit their stride creating turnover after turnover and limiting the opposition to just 4 shots in total. the fitness level of centre court players Hannah S and Megan H started to pay dividends as they began to move the ball round calmly keeping it away from Tyldesley. GS Mollie E finally found her form and hit an important 5 out of 6 shots as the Blues ended the third quarter ahead 17-15. In the final period it was all about keeping calm and not making mistakes, again defensively the Blues limited their rivals to just 6 shots in total of which they only scored 2, which ultimately meant that our own scoring was not needed as much as it could have been. Great Game very tense and with the victory the Blues are now 12 points clear at the top with just 4 games remaining.

Unfortunately for the Yellows for the second consecutive week their opponents failed to turn up, which meant they had to have another friendly game against a scratch team. The girls played in a nice calm atmosphere again getting a 33 v 24 victory under their belts and are now well and truly in the hunt to finish in the top three sitting only  handful of points behind. Next week sees the Yellows square off against DNA with victory guaranteeing they can finish now lower than 7th Spot with a shot for 3rd a real possibility.

The Reds once again came up against one of the Bury teams, as they have done a total of 7 times already in just 18 fixtures. Even though the reds came up short they were within 1 goal with just 90 seconds left, but unfortunately they caused a turnover which Lynx jumped on and then they had the centre and followed it up with another goal just seconds later. Half way through the third quarter the girls had been down by five goals but their heads never went down, Ruby, Amber, Vanessa and Darcy running themselves ragged to keep control of the centre court. Defensively Bury were difficult to breakdown as they made life hard for Amber to get near her optimal shooting range. Luckily Megan B ran herself into the ground trying to create space taking defencders with her to free up Amber. In defence Beth and Holly worked tirelessly trying to keep the Bury shooters out of the circle as this was the best way to keep the score close. the Bury shooters when they got in the circle barely missed a shot, so keeping them down to 23 goals was a relative success. In a surprising twist the Reds are not playing a Bury team next week, (they don’t play Bury again until October) however, they resume their rivalry against Rivington Royals, who will hopefully be a little rusty having not played in around 10 weeks.

The run has ended at 26, the Whites were finally officially beaten and the honour went to the Bury Leopards, who had been the only team to get anywhere near them in the streak that they went on. All good things must come to an end and now it is up to the girls to get over the blip and crack on again. They have a bye week next week and have already won the division so could use the remaining three games they have to try out some new stuff in readiness for promotion to the next level.

Week 18 Results

Charlestown Green     18 v 23     Bury Cougars

Charlestown Blues     21 v 17     Tyldesley Jets

Charlestown Yellow     33 v 24     Saddleworth Fury (Walkover 20-0 opponents failed to show up)

Charlestown Red     19 v 23     Bury Lynx

Charlestown White     16 v 18 Bury Leopards


Week 15 Results

Only two games by our teams this week with the Green, Blue and White all on a bye.

The Yellows defeated Swan Meadow Leopards 29-8 and the Reds won their game 31-21 against DNA Avengers. Both really nice games to watch with all the teams putting in some good efforts as we approach the summer break. Well Done. 

Next week is the last week of games until September, with the Green, Red and White all playing their final matches. The blue and yellow have both now finished for the summer.

Raffle Winners

The two winners of the raffle are.

Megan Bentley – Drawn out of the bag, winner of the gym pass.

Millie Walford – Selling the most raffle tickets, winner of Manchester Thunder hoodie and ball. 

The raffle raised a total of £441.80.

Week 13 & 14 Results

With the amount of teams we have reduced over the summer weeks the full recap of games is going on a bit of a break too. Full service will resume after the summer break. In the meantime here are last weeks and yesterdays scores.

Week 13

Green     15 v 35     Saddleworth Fire

Blue     20 v 0     Saddleworth Fury (Walkover)

Yellow     31 v 38     Storm

Red     31 v 25     Saddleworth Sealions

White     38 v 9     Saddleworth U11

Week 14

Green     26 v 15     Sacred Hearts A

Blue     32 v 17     Rochdale Dynamites

Yellow     27 v 25     Hollinwood Tigers

Red     17 v 24     Bury Lynx

White     23 v 16     Bury Leopards

Week 12 Summer League – Results and Recap

Week 12 is now in the books and we managed to get our first clean sweep of games in over 18 months. 8 games played 8 games won. A fantastic achievement and a fantastic end to part one of the Summer League, with training now finished until September the Sapphire, Purple and Sky all take a break. The remaining teams will continue until the end of the Summer Campaign and your individual managers will be in touch as usual about future fixtures.

The Greens had another physical battle in their division, (which seems to be the same each week) and they came out on top 21-19 with a fantastic team effort where the girls had to once again dig deep to pull off the result. Another strong defensive performance all round by the girls and hopefully another week down the line and more gelling as a unit. Another tough match up next week against the Saddleworth Fire, but with confidence high after Sundays victory the Greens will be fine.

The Blues had revenge on their minds coming up against the only team to inflict a defeat on them in the Summer League so far, Tyldesley Jets. The first quarter was a tight tense affair, but the girls kept their heads and lead 9-7 with Eva and Mollie E shooting well. Then the second quarter came and my word the girls really stepped up the gas, blowing away any chance of the Jets getting a result. The defence stifled the opposition restricting them to only 1 goal from a total of 3 shots! Amazing work. In contrast the Blues got a further 10 goals to take a comfortable 19-8 lead into half time. The third period was tit for tat as the teams exchanged scoring but the Blues still managed to increase their lead further to 24-12. Then in the final period the opposition looked demoralized and started to miss more shots and make more errors, this was mainly due to the high pressure from the centre court players Mollie Y, Hannah and Megan. A couple of times in the final period the Jets seemed to give up attempting to get the ball as the possession play was like watching Brazil in their football pomp.

The Yellows were involved in a real ding dong affair with Hollinwood Tigers a team that always runs teams close and usual in defensive battles, not this time however as the attacking and shooting of both teams should be applauded as they traded blows with each other in an epic contest for all four quarters. At no point was the game over until the dieing moments of the game. The result brings the Yellows up a spot in the division again and with some (on paper) weaker opposition in the coming weeks the Yellows will hopefully have an opportunity to climb up the ladder even further.

The Reds played the Hollinwood Pumas and had perhaps their most complete performance ever as they battled a very good Hollinwood team. The girls played exceptionally well and their teamwork passing and movement is a major credit to them. The Reds not being the tallest of teams utilized their speed of movement and passing to take control of the game and score their highest number of points since 06 March 2016. With the victory, depending on the results for the two Bury teams above them the Reds are really beginning to gather momentum and look to be in a great position to have a say in where the title might end up.

The STREAK continues, now sitting at 22 in a row for the Whites, not quite as tense as last weeks encounter, but still a tough slog all the same against a solid Rochdale team, who never gave up on the game. The consistent team play in the centre court along with tireless defending has kept this team scoring in the mid twenties and only conceding on average 16 goals a game. With every other team in the division on a bye the Whites have now managed to build up a 20 point gap over their nearest challenger and with 10 games remaining they look to be in a very commanding position.

Sky got back to winning ways with a good performance against Bury Katz, winning 17-9. Maisee played a fantastic game at both WA and in WD, linking very well with Katie and Fran. In the attacking circle Annalea, playing out of her usual position and Beth, linked well in their first game together. Defensively the Sky made life very difficult with Amber and Ellie swarming over the ball every time it came anywhere near the defensive circle. Sky finished their first foray in competitive netball with 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 bye in their 7 games. Keep up the hard work over the summer months and get ready for more competition when the Winter League starts. Well done.

Another good win for the Purples this week, beating DNA Lightning Strikes 14-4 ending their summer league campaign with three consecutive victories. The Purples ended their summer campaign with 4 wins, 1 draw, 5 defeats and 2 byes. The girls have improved their team play hugely over the last few weeks and should only be stronger when they resume their netball in the Winter League. Well Done again to the Purples.

The Sapphires completed the full set of 8 wins out of 8 for our clubs this week with a 16-8 victory over the DNA Hurricanes and put together their second win in a row for the second time in the Summer League. Another great start for the girls in netball and in the eight games the girls have played so far they have managed to achieve 4 victories, 3 defeats and 1 bye. Keep up all the hard work during the summer and we look forward to seeing you back for the Winter League.

Week 12 Results

Charlestown Green     21-19     DNA X-Men

Charlestown Blue     34-17    Tyldesley Jets

Charlestown Yellow     28-26     Hollinwood Tigers

Charlestown Red     35-25     Hollinwood Pumas

Charlestown White     23-16    Rochdale Reds

Charlestown Sky     17-9     Bury Katz

Charlestown Purple     14-4     DNA Lightning Strikes

Charlestown Sapphire     16-8     DNA Hurricanes

Well Done to all our teams this week again, training has now finished, but keep an eye on the website and Facebook for some fitness sessions that will be run ad hoc over the coming months.

If anyone would like to pen a bit of blurb for their own teams so we can get some names down in the report that would be great, just let me know. Alternatively if anyone keeps any of the stats and would like them to be published in their games let me know.

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