Week 15 Results

Only two games by our teams this week with the Green, Blue and White all on a bye.

The Yellows defeated Swan Meadow Leopards 29-8 and the Reds won their game 31-21 against DNA Avengers. Both really nice games to watch with all the teams putting in some good efforts as we approach the summer break. Well Done. 

Next week is the last week of games until September, with the Green, Red and White all playing their final matches. The blue and yellow have both now finished for the summer.

Raffle Winners

The two winners of the raffle are.

Megan Bentley – Drawn out of the bag, winner of the gym pass.

Millie Walford – Selling the most raffle tickets, winner of Manchester Thunder hoodie and ball. 

The raffle raised a total of £441.80.

Week 13 & 14 Results

With the amount of teams we have reduced over the summer weeks the full recap of games is going on a bit of a break too. Full service will resume after the summer break. In the meantime here are last weeks and yesterdays scores.

Week 13

Green     15 v 35     Saddleworth Fire

Blue     20 v 0     Saddleworth Fury (Walkover)

Yellow     31 v 38     Storm

Red     31 v 25     Saddleworth Sealions

White     38 v 9     Saddleworth U11

Week 14

Green     26 v 15     Sacred Hearts A

Blue     32 v 17     Rochdale Dynamites

Yellow     27 v 25     Hollinwood Tigers

Red     17 v 24     Bury Lynx

White     23 v 16     Bury Leopards

Week 12 Summer League – Results and Recap

Week 12 is now in the books and we managed to get our first clean sweep of games in over 18 months. 8 games played 8 games won. A fantastic achievement and a fantastic end to part one of the Summer League, with training now finished until September the Sapphire, Purple and Sky all take a break. The remaining teams will continue until the end of the Summer Campaign and your individual managers will be in touch as usual about future fixtures.

The Greens had another physical battle in their division, (which seems to be the same each week) and they came out on top 21-19 with a fantastic team effort where the girls had to once again dig deep to pull off the result. Another strong defensive performance all round by the girls and hopefully another week down the line and more gelling as a unit. Another tough match up next week against the Saddleworth Fire, but with confidence high after Sundays victory the Greens will be fine.

The Blues had revenge on their minds coming up against the only team to inflict a defeat on them in the Summer League so far, Tyldesley Jets. The first quarter was a tight tense affair, but the girls kept their heads and lead 9-7 with Eva and Mollie E shooting well. Then the second quarter came and my word the girls really stepped up the gas, blowing away any chance of the Jets getting a result. The defence stifled the opposition restricting them to only 1 goal from a total of 3 shots! Amazing work. In contrast the Blues got a further 10 goals to take a comfortable 19-8 lead into half time. The third period was tit for tat as the teams exchanged scoring but the Blues still managed to increase their lead further to 24-12. Then in the final period the opposition looked demoralized and started to miss more shots and make more errors, this was mainly due to the high pressure from the centre court players Mollie Y, Hannah and Megan. A couple of times in the final period the Jets seemed to give up attempting to get the ball as the possession play was like watching Brazil in their football pomp.

The Yellows were involved in a real ding dong affair with Hollinwood Tigers a team that always runs teams close and usual in defensive battles, not this time however as the attacking and shooting of both teams should be applauded as they traded blows with each other in an epic contest for all four quarters. At no point was the game over until the dieing moments of the game. The result brings the Yellows up a spot in the division again and with some (on paper) weaker opposition in the coming weeks the Yellows will hopefully have an opportunity to climb up the ladder even further.

The Reds played the Hollinwood Pumas and had perhaps their most complete performance ever as they battled a very good Hollinwood team. The girls played exceptionally well and their teamwork passing and movement is a major credit to them. The Reds not being the tallest of teams utilized their speed of movement and passing to take control of the game and score their highest number of points since 06 March 2016. With the victory, depending on the results for the two Bury teams above them the Reds are really beginning to gather momentum and look to be in a great position to have a say in where the title might end up.

The STREAK continues, now sitting at 22 in a row for the Whites, not quite as tense as last weeks encounter, but still a tough slog all the same against a solid Rochdale team, who never gave up on the game. The consistent team play in the centre court along with tireless defending has kept this team scoring in the mid twenties and only conceding on average 16 goals a game. With every other team in the division on a bye the Whites have now managed to build up a 20 point gap over their nearest challenger and with 10 games remaining they look to be in a very commanding position.

Sky got back to winning ways with a good performance against Bury Katz, winning 17-9. Maisee played a fantastic game at both WA and in WD, linking very well with Katie and Fran. In the attacking circle Annalea, playing out of her usual position and Beth, linked well in their first game together. Defensively the Sky made life very difficult with Amber and Ellie swarming over the ball every time it came anywhere near the defensive circle. Sky finished their first foray in competitive netball with 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 bye in their 7 games. Keep up the hard work over the summer months and get ready for more competition when the Winter League starts. Well done.

Another good win for the Purples this week, beating DNA Lightning Strikes 14-4 ending their summer league campaign with three consecutive victories. The Purples ended their summer campaign with 4 wins, 1 draw, 5 defeats and 2 byes. The girls have improved their team play hugely over the last few weeks and should only be stronger when they resume their netball in the Winter League. Well Done again to the Purples.

The Sapphires completed the full set of 8 wins out of 8 for our clubs this week with a 16-8 victory over the DNA Hurricanes and put together their second win in a row for the second time in the Summer League. Another great start for the girls in netball and in the eight games the girls have played so far they have managed to achieve 4 victories, 3 defeats and 1 bye. Keep up all the hard work during the summer and we look forward to seeing you back for the Winter League.

Week 12 Results

Charlestown Green     21-19     DNA X-Men

Charlestown Blue     34-17    Tyldesley Jets

Charlestown Yellow     28-26     Hollinwood Tigers

Charlestown Red     35-25     Hollinwood Pumas

Charlestown White     23-16    Rochdale Reds

Charlestown Sky     17-9     Bury Katz

Charlestown Purple     14-4     DNA Lightning Strikes

Charlestown Sapphire     16-8     DNA Hurricanes

Well Done to all our teams this week again, training has now finished, but keep an eye on the website and Facebook for some fitness sessions that will be run ad hoc over the coming months.

If anyone would like to pen a bit of blurb for their own teams so we can get some names down in the report that would be great, just let me know. Alternatively if anyone keeps any of the stats and would like them to be published in their games let me know.

Week 11 Summer League Results and Recap

Week 11 is now in the books and we have one more full week of training and games (weather permitting) before we break for the summer. The Greens, Blues, Yellows,  Reds and Whites will be continuing right up to the School Holidays 17 July. The Sky, Purples and Sapphire will have their last games this Sunday 19 June.

The Greens had a very tough match this week against one of if not the strongest teams in the division, Bury Cougars and were unfortunately on the end of a 14-29 defeat. Mistakes were constant and the team just couldn’t move the ball up court with any fluidity this week. Shooting was erratic and defensively the girls had problems blocking the movement of the opposition. Back to the drawing board and back to basics to try and stop the slump that the Greens have currently found themselves in. With focus and determination the girls will get back on track. Keep it up!

The Blues came up against the Storm for the second time in four weeks and having beaten them by just four points in the previous outing, this time the Blues were a lot more calm and focused, never looking in trouble and running away 34-17 victors. the movement was fluid and the passing was on point. Whilst there was no particular stand out moment of player this week the girls played in a very confident manner. The link play between Eva and Mollie E in the attacking circle was once again pinpoint. Defensively the Blues held the Storm to only 44.7% shooting in the game. As usual the centre court players, Mollie Y, Hannah and Megan worked tirelessly keeping the ball moving up and down the court and keeping a high pace to tire out the much older and taller opposition. Top of the table clash against Tyldesley next Sunday as the Blues seek revenge for their only defeat so far this season in the first week.

The Yellows played against the Tyldesley Jets and gave it a very good shot with Abi C having a great game at WD and causing turnover after turnover. Unfortunately the difference in the game was the shooting where the Jets managed to hit on 28 of their 29 shots at an impressive 96.6% accuracy, whilst the Yellows only managed to hit on 21 of 46 for a 45.6% accuracy. So the chances were certainly created but not fully taken. Alix at C worked her socks off along with Libby at WA, defensively Danielle attempted to keep the prolific Jets attack to a minimum keeping them out of the circle where possible. Megan at GD was up and down the court with 110% effort and Abbie C at GA and Freya at GS worked hard having not played with each other much.

The Reds had a walkover this week as their proposed opposition couldn’t field a team and the two teams directly above them had byes this week so the Reds have moved closer in the title race, sitting in third spot just 5 points of top place.

21 in a row for the Whites and for the second time in three weeks it went right down to the wire as they pulled off a fantastic 25-24 victory over the Bury Leopards. Having had it all their own way for many weeks these close games show just how far this team has come with a fantastic ability to finish a game in tight situations. This result was doubly important as Bury sit in second spot behind the Whites, but the girls have now opened up an 18 point lead over their main rivals. With just one more game left for the Whites before the summer break they are likely to end up champions even without playing the remaining 5 fixtures of the summer league.

Sky had a close game against a new DNA team and ended up losing 11-26 in a tight affair. The girls had a few silly mistakes with passing and footwork, but they are still only five games into their new team and are improving every week. One more match ahead before the summer break and then the real fun starts in the Winter League as the Sky will be another school year older and another school year wiser!

The Purples took on the top team in their division, Saddleworth Shrimps and came out on top in a great contest 12-10. the girls are now starting to gel as a team and have managed to get two consecutive wins for the first time this season. With continued drive they will hopefully get their third in a row before the summer break.

After coming back to earth with two tight defeats in a row the Sapphires came back to form with a 19-13 victory over the Bury Cubs. With 32 scored in the game the attacking of both teams should be applauded and the link play between Libby, Ai, Daisy, Fran, Jess and Gracie can only be described as awesome considering this is only their sixth game together. Again one more match to go before the summer break and more challenges ahead in the winter league. Well Done!

Week 11 Results

Charlestown Green     14-19     Bury Cougars

Charlestown Blue     34-17    Storm

Charlestown Yellow     21-28     Tyldesley Jets

Charlestown Red     20-0     Bury Tigers (Walkover)

Charlestown White     25-24    Bury Leopards

Charlestown Sky     11-26     DNA 7’s

Charlestown Purple     12-10     Saddleworth Shrimps

Charlestown Sapphire     19-13     Bury Cubs

Well Done to all our teams this week again, keep an eye on the weather for training. Hopefully the rain dies down and we can still train outside.

Race night has been moved to the same night as the presentation in October along with a DJ. This will hopefully optimise the number of people that can come with Friends and Family invited and obviously the girls and any brothers and sisters. Updates will be on Facebook soon.

Any raffle tickets still outstanding can you please get them sent in as soon as you can.

Week 10 Summer League – Results and Recap

We had a pretty successful day of results in the baking hot sun of Week 10, managing to get 5 wins along with 2 losses and 1 bye.

The Greens were involved in yet another titanic struggle of a game against the Bury Panthers. In the first two quarters the girls struggled to keep pace with Bury, making too many errors and not being able to capitalize on the oppositions errors themselves. However, in the third quarter the girls started to pull the game back and managed to get the scores level at 14 each. Unfortunately lady luck conspired against the Greens again going into the final period with Centre, Tash having to leave the game due to illness. The girls battled on through the adversity with Molly W and Izzie C playing fantastically well together in the defensive circle, but all was in vein in the end as Bury got the extra shot needed to win by 1, 17-18.

The Blues had a full team out for the first time in four weeks and they never really needed to get out of third gear for this game. That said the girls approached the game in a fully composed manner and didn’t take their eye off the ball. Armed with the knowledge that a victory today would take them top due to top placed Tyldesleys defeat to Storm earlier in the day the girls played a relaxed game. Player of the Match Hannah dominated the centre court linking excellently with Mollie Y and Megan H. The defence was as stout as ever with Holly and Grace limiting the opposition to 9 scores out of 16 shots for a shooting percentage of just 56.3%. In the attacking circle Eva’s confidence in her ability to shoot continues to come back as she racked up 16 nets ably supporting Mollie E who netted 21 times. With the top spot now in the girls possession they have two tough games coming up against Storm and Tyldesley so they will need to keep their feet firmly on the ground and start putting pressure on the opposition.

The Yellows took on the MG Jacks and started the game quite slowly only managing to take the first period 4-2. Without missing GA Lucy the position had to be taken up by Libby W who really grew into the position as the game went on. By half time the girls had manage to carve out a 13-5 lead and with Alix pulling the centre court string they started to speed up the game taking advantage of the oppositions size and the heat in the hall. The fast pace of the Yellows started to really pay dividends in the third quarter as the girls really put the game out of reach of the Jacks, with some fantastic defensive work by Danielle, Jasmine and Abi as they managed to stop them from scoring a single net in the period, whilst the relationship in the attacking circle continued to blossom between Freya and Libby with them scoring 14 times! With the game all but over the girls took their foot off the pedal in the final quarter and took home the victory and also overtook the Jacks in the League Table.

The Reds won for the third week in a row, dispatching a solid Bury Tigers side. The game started close with the first quarter ending 7 each, but in the second period the defence for the Reds started to take control of the game restricting the opposition to just 1 point, whilst Amber M and Megan netted a further 7 times. The Reds continued their fantastic team display through to the end of the game running out 30-14 victors and controlling the tempo of the game with aplomb. Next week is another matchup with a Bury team, this time the top team in the league as it currently stands. Concentration and disciplined passing will need to be in order in training this week.

The Whites continued their dominance of their division and have now increased their winning streak to 20 matches. The girls started slowly in the first quarter, as appears to be the norm with all our teams!!! however they had taken the lead against Rochdale by the end of the second quarter and that point never really looked back. In the third and forth periods Alyssa and Amelia started to score more and more frequently as the teams confidence continues to explode. The Whites have now not lost a game since 15 November 2015 and will be looking for tougher challenges ahead in the next Winter League.

The Sky had a bye week this week.

Purples had a great victory against Bury Bees running out comfortable winners 27-2. The girls looked really strong and composed. The defence was exemplary with Abigail and Lucia restricting the Bees to only two points all game. Emma had one of her best games passing the ball with speed and accuracy. The team performance was finished off with some great shooting from Keila and some excellent support and movement from Annabelle and Megan. Great result and now to keep it going.

The Sapphires had a real tussle with Westhaughton Weavers, who they beat four weeks ago for their first ever victory. This time the Weavers were stronger in defence and better at shooting, particularly in the first quarter which was the only one that the Sapphires lost. The second and third periods were both tied. Unfortunately the girls were left with too much to do going in to the final period and even thought they won the forth they couldn’t get the result. Player of the Match was Ai who is really growing into an athletic wonder! Heads up and lets get ready for the next game.

Week 10 Results

Charlestown Green     17-18     Bury Panthers

Charlestown Blue     37-9    DNA Fusion

Charlestown Yellow     29-10     Manchester Giants Jacks

Charlestown Red     30-14     Bury Tigers

Charlestown White     28-13    Rochdale Robins

Charlestown Sky     –     Bye

Charlestown Purple     27-2     Bury Bees

Charlestown Sapphire     5-6     Westhaughton Weavers

Well Done to all our teams this week again, training is back on and again it will be outside. Make sure you bring the sun cream and plenty of fluid as its going to be another hot one!

Reminder about the Race Night that is taking place. This is an Adults only event and will be great fun, don’t forget to reserve your tickets with your manager or on Facebook. This is on a first come first served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Also the girls should have been raffle tickets over the last few training sessions, if you have not had these please let any of the coaches or managers know and we can get some for you, alternatively if you want more please do the same. Prize is gym membership.

Week 9 Summer League Results and Recap

A Mixture of results today in Week 9 of the summer league, with Charlestown managing to get 4 wins along with 4 losses, including another Derby Game between the Blues and the Yellows.

Greens bounced back after a tough loss last week with a monumentally good performance against Rochdale Blacks the girls put in a fantastic team effort defeating a team that was in the division above last season. The player of the match award went out to the whole of the team in a group effort that will hopefully get the Greens back on track in their competitive division. Victory achieved 24-16.

Derby week saw the Blues and the Yellows square off again with the Blues coming out on top 43-20. The Blues dominated the first and third quarters with the Yellows putting up a much better showing in the second and forth periods. Defensively the Blues found it tough to contain the height of Freya and GS, but conversely the Yellow defence couldn’t contain the controlled movement of Eva and the accurate shooting of Mollie E. Once again the game was played in a very good natured and spirited way with all the girls knowing each other very well. With the victory the Blues have closed the gap on the top team and also made a big increase on their goal difference. The Yellows have now reached the end of their very tough three game stretch and should hopefully be able to get their next win in a weeks time and get back to winning ways.

The Reds took on the Tyldesley Terriers and never really looked to be in trouble, the first quarter started off slow with each team matching each other score for score, but once the girls calmed down their play and speed the Reds really started to motor. Amber M in the GS position showed off her new shooting technique with great aplomb putting the ball in the net from all positions round the circle. Defensively the Reds held the Terriers in check with a full blanket press with Abbie C making life very difficult for the opposition GA to even get in the shooting circle. The girls must continue to put pressure on all the teams above them over the coming weeks as once again this division looks likely to go right down to the wire.

The Whites upped their win streak to 19 games which is now the longest running streak in the modern recorded era of Charlestown Netball Club, Well Done girls keep it up as long as you can. This game was very much earned as they had to dig deep against a very competitive Ribble Valley team, coming out on top 24-23. By far the toughest game the Whites have had in a long while and to be honest this is probably a blessing in disguise and will stop the girls from becoming compacent. Good passing, excellent defensive work and composed shooting was the order of the day in this result.

The Sky had their first defeat ever coming up short 8-27 against the very tough and tall MG Aces. Unfortunately the team was missing a few of their key players and the experience of the opposition told in the long run. Not to be discouraged though we need to remember that this is still only game number four and the team will only continue to gel as time goes on.

The Purples lost 7-10 against the DNA Fire, in a tight close contest. The tought start to the season continues for the Purples but the DNA team are the top team in the division and would give most teams in this age bracket a good game. Heads up for the Purples and look forward to next week after a fantastic effort in training this week the girls should be nice and refreshed with the week off.

The Sapphires had a hard game against one of the strongest teams in their division Rochdale Wolves and came up short 6-17. Again this is only the 4th competitive game for this team and they have shown some really quick development and awareness for the tactics involved in high 5. Looking forward to next week when hopefully they will get back on track.

Week 9 Results

Charlestown Green     24-16 Rocahdale Black

Charlestown Blue     43-20    Charlestown Yellow

Charlestown Yellow     20-43     Charlestown Blue

Charlestown Red     30-15     Tyldesley Terriers

Charlestown White     24-23    Ribble Valley Reindeers

Charlestown Sky     8-27     Manchester Giants Aces

Charlestown Purple     7-10     DNA Fire

Charlestown Sapphire     6-17     Rochdale Wolves

Well Done to all our teams this week again this week as we have a week off training and hopefully a half term with the sun out as much as it has been this weekend. Enjoy!

Reminder about the Race Night that is taking place. This is an Adults only event and will be great fun, don’t forget to reserve your tickets with your manager or on Facebook. This is on a first come first served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Also the girls should have been raffle tickets over the last few training sessions, if you have not had these please let any of the coaches or managers know and we can get some for you, alternatively if you want more please do the same. Prize is gym membership.

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